Age 27
Sex Male
Birthday May 15
Height 165cm
Weight 50kg.
Eye Color Blue
Shoe Size 24cm.
Occupation Domestic Helper
Magic None
Weapon None
Mask None
First Appearance
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Chaker is a human from Hole and a magic victim like Kaiman. His entire body was turned inside out so his organs are worn on the outside like a coat.

Appearance Edit

Skeletal face with brain sitting on the top of his head, eyes sticking straight out of his eye sockets, tongue sticking out of his mouth at all times.

Personality Edit

He has a habit of taking things out of enclosed spaces like the way his guts were taken outside of his body.

History Edit

He was arrested for taking money outside of a bank. Kaiman stopped being friends with him when Chaker tried to take out Kaiman's insides.