The Hole is the world where non-Magic Users reside.

Hole "World" Edit


Discovered by Chidaruma, the lord of the Devils and omnipotent ruler of Hell and the Magic Users Realm, he found a world in a different dimension from where he came, inhabited by humans, creatures which were not his creations, took interest and used them to his enjoyment, kidnapping them for hundreds of years to do silly things from dance and sing to eat them alive, eventually Chidaruma lost interest in the dimension and its inhabitants and left for hundreds of years.

When he visited Hole again, he found a huge mountain of human corpses. The humans where killed by Magic Users, the Devil first creation in his world, who evolved to the point they were able to produce Magic Doors to go to the Humans dimension, feral and merciless, the creatures slaughtered the mankind and almost extinguish it, Chidaruma didn't mind it and left the human realm once again after see the macabre mountain.
Original Hole
Several centuries later the corpses could not decompose on the ground thanks to the toxins inside the sorcerers smoke, they corrode the ground to the point it became a gigantic black chasm of sludge, similar to oil, highly poisonous and capable to kill any life form if it enter in contact with it. Chidaruma was amazed by the beauty of the scene and got extremely infatuated with it, took many pictures, made paintings, and wrote songs about it, then named the whole dimension "Hole" in honor of the pool of death and hatred.

Hole "City" Edit

A mega city with an industrial look and infrastructure, divided in different portions, like Migimaru-Hole, endless in sight, its one of the main places were the story takes place, home of the main characters, Kaiman and Nikaido, the birth place of Shin and the practice field for Magic Users.

Since the beginning of the mankind, the sorcerers came to hole in order to test their magic in humans, killing or disfiguring them for the rest of their lives, thanks to the constant attacks, Hole became a hideous and dangerous place for everyone, the overall population of the city lives in poor conditions, most of them struggling to live with the burdens imposed by the sorcerers in their bodies and constant fear to be used as guinea pigs. The buildings also shown signs of deterioration, with no maintenance what so ever or signs of green places, the overall look of the city is an eternal field of buildings and dark corridors. The city was created around the Lake of Refuse, the Central Department Store was build over it in recent years.

Hole "Entity" Edit

Main article: Hole

Over the centuries the countless humans spirits residing inside the Lake of Refuse became a self conscious being moved only by the pure hatred towards Magic Users, causing the supernatural phenomena in Hole, like the "Living Dead Day" which cause the corpses of people killed by Magic return in form of zombies, and Hole`s Rain, which cause an extreme sense of discomfort in Magic Users, rendering them unable to use magic and weaken them to the point of death.

Hole have an avatar, Kai, one of Ai Coleman personas, existing with the ultimate purpose to exterminate every Magic User, as a sign of possession, his eyes have the signature mark of Hole, Cross-Eyes, the entity gave his body the power of regrown his head 9 times (due the magic of one of the Magic Users corpses used in Ai surgery to be able to use magic) and giving him the power to create a space that mimics Hole`s Rain effects, making Magic Users unable to defend themselves and easily kill them in single combat.



The Entity is the true and final antagonist of the series, responsible for the apocalyptic rain in the Magic User Realm and engaging in the final fight between the protagonist and Devil Kai inside the warped Central Department Store (now a physical representation of Ai/Kai mental realm).

Once Risu killed Ai in a futile attempt to stop the entity once and for all, Kai took possession of Ai last head, mocking the Magic User telling him that he no longer needed the vessel once known as Ai Coleman, infuriated, he squashed the head and the whole room where all the main characters where became pitch black, a torrent of acid came and all the magic users, Nikaido (transformed into a Devil) and Kaiman apparently died there. Hole, know as a physical entity, appeared from the now empty lake of refuse, greeted by Chidaruma, who waited for centuries to meet the spirit inside the lake which he was infatuated for so long.

Gallery Edit

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