Bonus Curse 12
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Volume Volume 12
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Bonus Curse 12 is the twelfth bonus chapter of Dorohedoro featured in Volume 12 at the end of Chapter 72.

Summary Edit

Like other curses, this story happened prior to the current events of the series.

Dangling on the ceiling, not knowing what just happened, Kaiman and Nikaido try to remember how they ended up chained at the Hungry Bug.

Few hours back, Nikaido is closing the store when an old man appears, trying to sell his home-made sake, giving a jar to her to taste and then decide if she wants to sell it in the restaurant. Kaiman just shows up and through the promise of cleaning the store he gets some tasty boiled gyozas.

The following is the gyoza recipe as explained by The Gyoza Fairy:

Boiled Gyoza: Edit


  • Raw Shizo Gyoza (see Bonus Curse 5 for details)
  • Spring Onions
  • Chili Oil
  • Soy Sauce
  • Black Vinegar
  • Soup Stock


  • Boil the gyozas in a frying pan with enough water.
  • Beside that, prepare a sauce using the remaining ingredients, mixing them in the soup stock.
  • Serve the Gyozas in the same water and add the sauce over them.
  • Accompany it with some fried rice.

The fairy considers this sloppy yet effective, but nonetheless is disgusted by Nikaido's choice of company, even making her feel a vague sense of being misunderstood, since, even though the fairy man can't be seen, its opinions and actions can be felt for those around him. The duo eats while drinking the sake, getting drunk extremely fast, and the story resumes in the present.

They spot a burglar in the store, already with Nikaido's register on hand, and ready to kill both of them. Kaiman quickly realizes that even if he is unable to use his hands and legs, he still has the spikes on the back of his head. Stabing the burglar's head and taking off his mask, they're revealed to be the same old man from before, though he explains that he is just an averagely aged man cursed with the face of an old geezer. He begs for his life while Nikaido kicks his ass, having been freed by the Gyoza Fairy who untied her during the ruckus.

The story ends with Chidaruma and Moroku, who came to Hole in order to see the strange creature Moroku had been talking about (see Bonus Curse 8 for details), yet the Devil Lord doesn't find the little guy very interesting, and throws it around before going back to Hell, and the fairy is left in the ground, with its garnish spilled.

Characters: Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first curse to not have a Devil on the cover. One could argue that Bonus Curse 5 did not have one either, but it does not have an actual cover to begin with.

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