Age 25
Sex Female
Birthday November 20
Height 163cm
Weight 45kg
Eye Color Green
Shoe Size 23.5cm
Occupation Owner of the Asuka pie shop
Magic Angel (charms men into falling in love with her)
Weapon Nothing in particular
Mask Store-bought

A woman who feels unrequited love for Tanba. Her magic allows her to summon Angel, who charms men into falling in love with her. Former employee of Tanba's meat bag shop.

Appearance Edit

Wears a big realistic looking bat mask with holes cut out on the stomach covering most of her face. Has long black spiky hair. Has rat husks hanging from her clothing.

Personality Edit

Full of herself and a controlling person, tends to use her magic to make people do what she wants, deep inside wants Tanba to love her but thanks to her spoiled nature and Tanba's rude personality that will never happen.

History Edit

Past Edit

She used to be one of Tanba's staff members, and used her pies infused with magic to make him fall in love with her. This was a common thing for her, so over the time Tanba had become immune to the pie's magic and was able to fire Asuka. Over time she opened her own restaurant. She knew Kirion had feelings for Tanba too.

Present Edit

Presented in the restaurant competition in En's Mansion against Tanba's meat bag restaurant, using her magic to attract all the men in the competition to fall in love with her through her pies (she was using one of her morbid looking angels as an oven, when it eats pie dough the second mouth in its stomach produces heart shaped apple pies). The scam almost succeeded leaving the other restaurant with just Noi and Ebisu (the only female judges of the competition) to taste the meat bags, but in the end her magic ran out and her angel disappeared. En declared Tanba's restaurant winner and she had to run by fear of being killed by En if he found out that she had used magic on him.

Asuka without mask with an angel

During the apocalyptic rain in the Magic User world Asuka wandered the streets using one of her angels as an improvised coat. She found an almost fainted Tanba and Fukuyama, and used her angel to devour the first. Kirion found them and knocked out Asuka, and all of them ended up living in Tanba's restaurant together waiting for the rain to stop. Sometimes Asuka crawled into Tanba's bed, and Kirion had to hit her with a newspaper to get her out of there, during a full disclosure between Magic User all declared that none of them practice their magic on human ever (Fukuyama hardly believed Asuka, and she only responded why she would make a human fall in love with her), this moved Kirion and make her go outside to find the source of the rain.

Trivia Edit

  • Want's Tanba to fall in love with her
  • Wants her magic to be more powerful
  • Jealous towards Kirion
  • Thinking about being beautiful
  • Secretly wants to apologize to everyone and work back in Tanba's Restaurant