Age Unknown
Sex Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Height 151cm.
Weight 40kg.
Eye Color None
Shoe Size 27cm.
Occupation Unknown
Magic None
Weapon None
Mask None
First Appearance
Volume Volume 10
Chapter Chapter 63
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An ominous entity living inside the memories of Kaiman and Aikawa. Speaks in “GuchaGucha” [“Splosh-Splosh”] sounds.

Appearance: Edit

A featureless representation of Ai Coleman, the spirit sport a white shoes, jeans and shirt, from the base of his arms forwards there is nothing, showing a clean cut of his insides.

History Edit

Appearing in visions and nightmares to both Aikawa and Kaiman, trying to communicate the atrocities their actions unleashed, for Aikawa, a dreadful reminder of how his body is used to slaughter countless of innocents, to Kaiman, the horrifying truth about his past self.


It was first introduced during Aikawa's resurrection, serving tea to his counterpart while a series of past memories were shown in front of them, more importantly the one who sealed Risu's fate, the moment he told Aikawa about his unique power, his other personality listened too, resulting in Risu's murderer.

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